Plans Available in Virginia

Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.

$9.95/Month in conjunction with a Legal Service Plan
OR $12.95/Month without a Legal Service (+$10 one time enrollment fee)

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America today. Would you know what to do if it happened to you? With the Identity Theft ShieldSM, you'll have experienced professionals on your side if it does - plus benefits provide for regular monitoring of your credit report.

Legal Service Plans of Virginia, Inc.

$25/Month (+$10 one time enrollment fee)

If you want the best legal service plan available for you and your family, this is it! Our top-of-the-line plan gives you access to a wide variety of valuable legal services from a carefully-selected law firm for a low monthly rate.

$16/Month (+$10 one time enrollment fee)

The Pre-Paid Legal Standard Plan offers valuable legal services for you and your family. Our standard plan provides access to a wide variety of legal services through a top quality law firm.


As an add-on to your Expanded or Standard Plan membership, you'll have 24-hour access to an attorney if you're ever detained or arrested. We all know we have rights, and now, if ever faced with detainment, you'll know who to call to make sure your rights are represented.


If you have a home-based business, this plan is a must have! For a low monthly rate in addition to your Expanded Plan membership, you'll get valuable legal services related to your business!

1-50 employees $75/Month (+$10 one time enrollment fee)
51-99 employees $125/Month (+$10 one time enrollment fee)

For a low monthly rate, our Business Plan provides small businesses with comprehensive legal services. The Plan also provides focused benefits through

$32.95/Month (+$25 one time enrollment fee)

Our Commercial Drivers Plan provides commercial drivers and their spouses access to legal services by providing coverage for personal and commercial vehicles.